The Upgrade

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From time to time Matt writes a new upgrade for - this page lists what is happening.

The big update

This represents the biggest roll out of features and ideas ever.. The plan is to open up isBrill to you and enable everyone to celebrate things that are, well, brill.

This Brill Page runs using the Brill-Engine-2 so new updates are most likely to appear here first.

Most important about BE2 is that errors on one page cannot break other pages. We always had to be careful before because one mistake could take the whole site down. Well, not any more. :-)


These are the features and fixes that we have finished and set live

  • Brill pages can now be loaded from a storage device - no more hand coding pages [23 April 2015]
  • Brill-Engine-2 went live [26 April 2015]
  • The index page now indexes BE2 pages [26 April 2015]
  • BE2 meta data system (allows Canonical Names) [27 April 2015]
  • BE2 meta data to enable comment development [27 April 2015]
  • Comment system [27 April 2015]
  • BE2 Open Graph processor [27 April 2015]

Still being worked on

These are the features that we are still working on but are planned as part of this round of updates

  • Recomend changes and edits
  • Twitter intergration
  • RSS feed intergration for blogs and the like
  • Social sharing widget
  • New Brill Page proposal and voting
  • Featured Brill pages on the main page
  • AJAX and DHTML
  • Page author and contributor credits

Past changes

That's all for the current set of changes. Below are listed all the changes that were made in past versions.

Version 1.0

The features the site had when we first started

  • Each brill page has it's own (sub) doamin name
  • Each brill page can have lists
  • Lists can include links
  • Each brill page can have info boxes

Version 1.1

Then we added new features

  • Brill pages got their own sub pages - as many as they want
  • You can like brills and tell your Facebook mates about them
  • We experimented with XML
  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements behind the scenes

Version 1.2 (August 2014)

This update was all about making the code work better

  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements behind the scenes

Version 1.2.1 (Janurary 2017)

This update was also about making the code work better

  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements behind the scenes
  • Making the OG generator smarter
This sire will shortly be even more brill -Matt

Brill Roll Box

We shortly hope to enable you to make edit suggestions directly on site. For now our Facebook Page will have to do.

Bugs we need to work out

Not everything goes according to plan. This is a list of stuff we are aware of that might not be perfect yet

  • Brill-Engine does not supply featured brills
  • Brill-Engine-2 does not like HTML (Fixed)
  • Brill-Engine-2 does not fully support subpages
  • BE2 OG processor needs more data
  • Disqus has some funny ideas about page titles

Blue Sky ideas

These are the features that would be great but we have yet to make a plan. Often these ideas have to wait because they are expensive or particularly challenging.

  • The Brill Blog (or a blog of brill stuff)
  • User Accounts
  • User Pages
  • User Blogs
  • Live Editing
  • Media hosting (video, photos etc)
  • Wiki features
  • User lenses like squidoo had
  • Brill bot (see box below)


Brill bot is an idea that we are still tinkering with. It would be a specialist search indexer or crawler that would find brill things on sites like KickStarter and YouTube and queue them for inclusion in pages.

It would be up to you to vote on if these new things that the BrillBot found were brill enough to stay.

Right now BrillBot is just a nice idea.

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